Swear Mandala – One Blue, One Orange

Swear Mandala – One Blue, One Orange

‘Swear Mandala’ (27x22cm) (10.6×8.6in) – One Blue, One Orange
Acrylic on Resin’d Wood
©Fordee 2019

At first I was going to burn the wood with a wood burner… in fact I started to, however I wasn’t getting what I wanted so I quickly changed to acrylic paint. After resin’ing the wood you can barely tell which one I started the wood burning with… can you? I mixed a little glitter in the resin which is what the specs are in the picture. It’s so difficult to get a good picture of any piece that is resin’d. These small pieces came out pretty cool… if you’d like one, message directly.

“What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.” –Confucius

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Project Details

  • Acrylic, Markers Resin, Wood Panel